“Who is this man?” is the question of the gospel of Mark. Darrell has spent thirty plus years of ministry studying, teaching and preaching in his favorite gospel and is now making another trip through Mark’s amazing account of the life of Jesus.

If you are enjoying “The Chosen,” you will certainly enjoy Darrell’s presentation of Mark’s message as he often references and interacts with how the show presents Jesus.

#1 “God’s Wilderness Bootcamp” Mark 1:1-13

#2 “The Call of the Kingdom” Mark 1:14-20

#3 “A Day In The Life Of Jesus” Mark 1:21-39

#4 “The Master’s Touch” Mark 1:40-45

#5 “The Conflict Begins” Mark 2:1-12

#6 “New Wine” Mark 2:13-22

#7 “No Trespassing!” Mark 2:23-3:6

#8 “Quiet Priorities” Mark 3:7-19

#9 “The Binding Of Satan” Mark 3:20-35 (Mark clearly explains what the “unforgivable” sin is and Darrell makes it very clear what it is not)