New Hope is a community of believers in Jesus Christ who are choosing to leave the pretense and the masks of religion behind. We strive to be honest about who we are and who we have been because we trust in the grace of Jesus Christ to redeem us completely. We are no longer defined by our sin but instead by our savior.

We believe outside of Christ, we are fallen, broken people. The effects of the fall (Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God in the garden of Eden) has had lasting effects that go deeper than any of us realize. However, we also believe that deeper than our fallen nature is our original glory: the reality that every individual is a created reflection of the glory of God. We also believe that when we give our lives to Christ, He sends His Holy Spirit to take up residence in our hearts, completing our justification and beginning the process of sanctification.

Our justification is our standing before God. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, the Father now sees us as spotless and clean because He has cast our sin upon His son who left it in the tomb. Our sin is now as far as the East is from the West.

Because of the work of Christ, God the Father is always “Glad as glad can be” to be with each of us. We do not have to fear His anger, rejection or disappointment as He now sees us through the eyes of the perfection of Jesus. He showers His delight on us whenever we are willing to receive it.

Our sanctification is the lifelong process of becoming who we were intended to be. It isn’t something we manufacture or create from the outside but something God releases from within us. He redeems us step by step, layer by layer, day by day into the glory of who He intends us to be.

We still struggle with our sin, our addictions and our pain. However, we are experiencing God’s real redemption in our lives and we would love for you to join us in the journey.