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#8 Surviving Unsafe People – II

In spite of the fact Saul says the right words, ‘I have sinned…’ David keeps his distance from Saul. Why? Because David knows Saul is not a man of his word and that his sanity is only temporary. The same thing is true in our lives. We must recognize that our offenders’ seemingly genuine words […]

#4 Blood Brothers

God uses David and Jonathan’s powerful friendship to protect David and to draw Jonathan out of his denial. I Samuel 20

The Story of David Through The Lens Of Addiction & Recovery

All 18 Sermons — Darrell preaches through the story of David from the unique and powerful perspective of a counselor and director of a recovery ministry for individuals trapped in the destructive web of sexual addiction. This series looks at the issues preceding David’s sexual sin, the sin itself and the fallout that comes from […]