June 8, 2014 ()

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Darrell was asked to write on the question "Why should we not judge" for the Lawrence Journal World's Faith Forum and he chose to expand his writing into a Sunday morning teaching. Here are a couple quotes from it:

"Have you ever noticed how everyone has their own valuations on sin? Think of it like a scale of 1-100. To many evangelicals, any sexual sin is at least in the 90s and anything to do with homosexuality is certainly in the high 90s if not 100. Judging someone because they “don't measure up,” well we often arentt sure that is a sin and if it is, surely its only in the teens. To many liberals, intolerance is in the high 90's or even a 100 and they are completely intolerant of anything that hints of intolerance."

"You can never know the pain, trauma and struggle of another human being by the way the look on the exterior."

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