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#16 The Consequences of Agreements

David accepts the shame and lies heaped on him by Shimei and continues his downward spiral by listening to Satan’s lies. He is unable or unwilling to accept God’s forgiveness and grace in his life. II Samuel 16:1-15

#14 The Downward Spiral of Avoidance

David is furious over Amnon’s rape of his sister but he does nothing. In the void of “nothing” and out of his own hurt and rejection, Absalom kills his brother, Amnon. David’s avoidance of the issues, leads to great tragedy for his children and the nation of Israel. I Samuel 13:23-39

#13 Beauty, Tragedy, Desolation . . . Hope!

We again look at the story of Amnon raping his sister Tamar only this time we look at it from Tamar’s perspective. Satan has very specific plans to destroy the feminine heart, distort feminine beauty, dismiss the feminine voice, and desolate the femine soul. Tamar’s story begins in beauty and ends in desolation, but God […]

#12 Obsession, Compulsion & Revulsion

David’s Son, Amnon, rapes his sister Tamar yet from this devastating story we can learn amazing truths as we look at the story from David and Amnon’s perspective. II Samuel 13:1-22

#11 You Are The Man!

Sin has serious consequences. God forgave David, but his son still died. God forgave David but the sword did not depart from his house. The same thing is true in your life and my life. God forgives our sin. Our sin no longer separates us from God, but it greatly impacts our lives. God extended […]

#10 Scandal In High Places

God provides rumble strips, but not barricades: So often when we are heading down an ugly road, God puts warnings in our path. They are God’s way of saying, “Are you sure you want to go down this path?” They are wake up calls designed to give us an opportunity to turn to God and […]

#9 Hiding In strange Places

David learns many valuable truths as he flees from Saul and hides in rocks, holes and caves. I Samuel 27-30